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Not Applicable is a group of musicians, composers, visual artists and filmmakers collaboratively developing and openly prototyping new approaches to their respective artistic pursuits.

Our subscription service is a place for you to discover what we do, firstly by receiving 10 albums from our back catalogue and then by getting everything we release going forward for as long as you subscribe.

It's also a place where we'll be premiering new collaborations and recordings exclusively and notifying you of performances, screenings and installations we are involved in. Through your comments and suggestions, you'll have a hand in shaping what we do in the future and where and who we collaborate with ...

We hope to make this a great place for the future of music!

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Not Applicable
NA are: Britt Hatzius, Isambard Khroustlaiov, Lothar Ohlmeier, Maurizio Ravalico, Ollie Bown, Oliver Duckert, Rudi Fischerlehner & Alex Bonney

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